Let us cool off you and your guests.

We charge *100.00 per hr with a 2 hr min to come to your event in the Metro Huntsville area. Travel fee of $50.00 outside the city. This includes  50 8oz cups of Shaved Ice per hour. Additional servings over the first 50 are billed at $2.00 ea ( 8oz) plus tax.

Example: 2 hrs of service = $200.00 dollars, includes 100 8 oz cups of ice. Any additional cups served are  $2.00 ea. You may request a larger size, we find the 8 oz is a good size for most events.

For events held in a public area we recommend you give your guests tickets to help identify your guests. We can supply tickets for you.

We are happy to quote any size event, we have the equipment and experience to serve everyone quickly. We want you to enjoy your event and not spend it standing in line. From 50 to over a 1000 people we can handle your needs.

We operate 2 trucks and have multiple shavers and flavor stations to move  lines quickly.

Need some food we can serve Hot Dogs , Hamburgers, Mini Funnel cakes and more on request. Happy to quote, we will bring what is requested and serve for you.

We work closely with the folks at What’s Popp’N and can add Popcorn in a variety of sizes and flavors.

*Non refundable Credit card deposit required.