Small Events

We have many requests to attend Birthday Parties and similar events. We can’t make it to every  event so we offer our great flavors in a take home package, for $100.00 you get everything you need to make a great cup of shaved ice.

Pick up your shaver at What’s Popp’N   7900 Bailey Cove Rd before your event and return when you are finished, you get to keep everything all day. You are welcome to pickup the night before and return the next day.

You supply the ice and the person to run it. Only adults are allowed to operate the Ice Shavers.

You Get:

Small AC Cube Ice Shaver

50 8 oz cups


Eight of our most popular flavors  ( please return the rinsed empty bottles)

Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemonade, Tigers Blood,  Ice Cream, Orange and Grape

Just a suggestion, If you have a favorite we are happy to add it.

IMG_6963 - Copy

Credit card required for damage deposit on Equipment.


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